We received the following statement from Robert Matz:

Occupation:  Attorney/Small Business Owner/Community Volunteer

Age:  53

My education and qualifications are:  Over the last 20 years, my wife and I have served the community through youth sports, arts, and cultural programs.  We’ve watched as special interests have slowly taken control of our local government.  The result is our island, and our quality of life, are now under threat.

The City of Alameda is more than a half a billion dollars in the red; we have $235 million dollars in unfunded pension liability, and $300 million dollars in deferred infrastructure maintenance.  The only solutions being offered are to raise taxes, approve more bonds, and build more.  Based upon flawed traffic studies and empty promises of workforce housing, thousands of market rate units have been approved, with thousands more market rate units coming up for approval.  This is not sustainable growth; it is growth gone wild.  If elected, I will vote based upon what’s best for Alameda and all of its citizens.

I am not accepting campaign contributions from unions, developers, or companies doing substantial business with the City; the people have the right to know decisions are being made on the merits, not money.  Alameda is not for sale!

B.A., Highest Honors, University of California at Berkeley (English), J.D., Berkeley Law.

Learn more at “Vote Matz” on Facebook.   Website at:    https://votematz.com/