A Better Alameda is a Political Action Committee (PAC) of Alameda citizens who have come together to recommend Alameda City Council candidates who support our mission statement.

  1. Make decisions based on the public good, not rewarding campaign contributors from public employee unions, developers and other special interest groups.
  2. Engage in critical analysis of staff recommendations.
  3. Will not approve unsustainable budget expenditures that don’t address all current and deferred expenses.
  4. Evaluate development proposals based upon their impact on the entire community.
  5. Support changes in City housing ordinances that will accelerate the construction of all levels of affordable housing.

An advisory group organized to recommend City Council candidate endorsements for the ABA PAC met recently.  After considering our discussions with Trish Spencer, Amos White & Gig Codiga and their participation at the Alameda Democratic Club meeting, we concluded that all three candidates meet the standards of our Mission Statement above.  Therefore, we are taking the unusual step of endorsing all three of them. Their websites are:

https://trish4u.com/    https://www.amoswhite4alameda.com/

We encourage you to visit their websites, attend any future candidate’s nights or other election events and vote for two of your choice in November.

Unfortunately, the current incumbents, Jim Oddie and Malia Vella fall short on all of the above standards. They have a well-documented cozy relationship with the Firefighter’s Union that  led to them being found to be in violation of the City Charter with regard to their efforts to have a union member appointed to the post of Fire Chief, which cost the City over a million dollars. They then had the audacity to file a claim against the City for reimbursement of their legal fees!

In the space of a month. they completely reversed their position on retention of Article 26-3 of our Charter to, instead, place it on the ballot for repeal, based solely on the view of City Planning Director. They voted for draconian changes in our Rent Stabilization Ordinance only a year after it had been adopted and within months of its confirmation by Alamedans at the ballot box.

This is a critical election. The collective bargaining contracts with our police and fire unions will be negotiated. If Art. 26 of our Charter is repealed in November, the new Council will have the discretion to increase the density allowed throughout the City. Our ABA Campaign will devote much of our effort to informing the voters of the consequences of Mr. Oddie, and Ms. Vella retaining their seats.

We are asking you to contribute any amount you can afford to our effort and to do so ASAP because mail in ballots will be coming out quite early in October, so we need to commit to media expenditures early in September. Please go to our contribute page and follow the instructions for contributing by check or credit card.

Please join the fight. The future of our City is at stake!

Paid for by A Better Alameda, Supporting Spencer, White & Codiga For City Council, Opposing Oddie & Vella For City Council, 2020 /em>and was not authorized or paid for by a candidate for office or a committee controlled by a candidate for office.

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