Our Beginning!

Many of you attended the public meeting on April 25, 2018 at Alameda Hospital and the June 20, 2018 meeting at ReMax.  We discussed the formation of a PAC to endorse candidates for the upcoming Alameda City Council / Mayoral elections. Our shared goal was to create a Council voting majority that will support the welfare of Alameda residents, and reduce the influence of outside special interests such as public employee unions and real property developers. Our support for these candidates does not expect loyalty from them as they exercise their responsibilities as Alameda City Council members.  We expect independent decisions based on the facts of each issue that comes before the City Council.

A Committee of volunteers from Alameda has moved forward with forming A Better Alameda PAC.  The ABA committee is now working with the declared candidates to select those we believe will fit into our mission statement.  Candidates that we believe A Better Alameda can support will be presented on this website, including information for ABA’s decision to support them.  Only those candidates listed on this site have received ABA’s support for the Alameda City Council. After the candidates have been selected, ABA will conduct an independent campaign to support the endorsed candidates.

Our Mission Statement

A Better Alameda is a Political Action Committee (PAC) of Alameda citizens who have come together to recommend Alameda City Council candidates who support our following mission statement.

  1. Make decisions based on the public good, not rewarding campaign contributors from public employee unions, developers and other special interest groups.
  2. Engage in critical analysis of staff recommendations.
  3. Will not approve unsustainable budget expenditures that don’t address all current and deferred expenses.
  4. Evaluate development proposals based upon their impact on the entire community.
  5. Support changes in City housing ordinances that will accelerate the construction of all levels of affordable housing.ABA will require funds to support campaigning efforts and welcomes contributions.  At this time, please donate by check to A Better Alameda at 2201 Shoreline Dr.  P.O. Box 2655,   Alameda, CA  94501.

ABA is supported by contribution from individuals. Visit our Contribution page for additional information.

Thank you for your support as ABA works for a better Alameda City Council.


Paid for by A Better Alameda, Supporting Spencer, Opposing Ashcraft For Mayor, Supporting Daysog & Beusterien, Opposing Oddie For City Council, 2022 and was not authorized or paid for by a candidate for office or a committee controlled by a candidate for office.
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Next Steps…

Planned actions will be posted here in the future.

Call to Action: