Paul Beusterien

Alameda City Council

I’m Paul Beusterien (BYOO-STÄR-ee-en) and this November I’m running for City Council to bring even-keeled leadership to Alameda.As a city, we have numerous challenges: balancing the housing availability/affordability crisis with neighborhoods and traffic; ensuring that Alameda has the necessary infrastructure for the future, especially as our shorelines become increasingly threatened by storm surges and sea level rise; staffing to meet our public safety needs; and managing our finances effectively for both short-term priorities and long-term sustainability.We need to make our city more functional by reducing staff turnover, attracting quality leaders, enabling higher levels of constituent participation, and achieving higher levels of collaborative problem solving. Updating our elections to Ranked Choice Voting encourages more representative and cooperative government.Balance is a major theme of my campaign:

  • We don’t have to choose extreme YIMBYism or extreme NIMBYism. We can add housing and limit disruption to existing neighborhoods.
  • We don’t have to favor cyclists or drivers. We can improve routes for both, along with buses and ferries.
  • We can support and fully staff the police force AND hold the police accountable.

I’ve been a career software engineer at startup companies and larger companies, like Wind River and Google, where I’ve led initiatives to grow vibrant organizations and deliver products. I’ve been an HOA board member the last 10 years: President of the 362-home Bay Isle Point for five years and VP of the 2973-home Harbor Bay for the last seven years. I’ve also served as treasurer and worked on finances, including multi-million dollar budgets. In those roles, I’ve worked to resolve numerous community challenges, including several involving the city government.I want to bring the data-driven leadership approach I’ve developed as an engineering leader and HOA board member to city government. “I want to see clear explanations and measurable results for city programs, so that the council can make effective, collaborative decisions and the public can get a clear idea of what is happening.I’d love to hear your thoughts for the best way to move Alameda forward. Visit my website: and reach out to me at                FPPC ID #1450298

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